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baby pigeon

August 28, 2014 // by AliaK

in 2003, a pair of pigeons decided to have their babies on my verandah. one survived, grew up and eventually left the nest. I sent the recordings (& videos) to a project that was documenting birds in urban areas. not sure if they ended up using them. babypigeon_27dec2003_1min.mp3 babypigeon_27dec2003.mp3

FOSDEM 2005 recordings

August 28, 2014 // by AliaK

in 2005 I attended the FOSDEM conference and made some recordings DW_A0001_20050226_0802.mp3 DW_A0006_20050226_1034.mp3 DW_A0007_20050226_1332.mp3 DW_A0008_20050226_1442.mp3 DW_A0009_20050227_1033.mp3 DW_A0010_20050227_1439.mp3 DW_A0011_20050227_1453.mp3 DW_A0012_20050227_1511.mp3 DW_C0005_20050226_0955.mp3